Current Research Funding

R15: DK121246 (PI), 2020-2023
“Neural Mechanisms Underlying Central Induction of Skeletal Muscle Thermogenesis”

Past Research Funding

R15: DK108668 (PI), 2016-2019

R15: DK097644 (PI), 2013-2016
“Brain Melanocortin Control of Activity Energy Expenditure and Obesity Resistance”

American Heart Association (AHA) Grant-In-Aid: 12GRNT12050566 (PI), 2012-2014
“Melanocortins and the Sympathetic Brain Muscle Axis: Role in Obesity Prevention”

Council on Graduate Education for Administration in Nursing (Co-Investigator), 2012-2013
“Nurses’ Physical Activity Measured Objectively by Accelerometry: Relationship to Health Markers, Adaptation to Shift Schedules and Nutrition Habits”

R01: NS055859 (PI), 2008-2012
“Brain Mechanisms of Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis”

Minnesota Obesity Center Pilot & Feasibility Grant (PI), 2008
“Intrinsic Aerobic Capacity, NEAT, and Obesity”

Minnesota Obesity Consortium Pilot Grant (PI), 2006-2008
“Oxyntomodulin and the Regulation of Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis”

American Heart Association (AHA) Scientist Development Grant: 0635113N  (PI), 2006-2007

Postdoctoral National Research Service Award: NIMH MH 12956 (PI), 2001-2004

Predoctoral National Research Service Award: NIMH MH 11232 (PI), 1996-1998